About me

Originally from Stockholm, Sweden – currently based in Los Angeles.

Mad science synthesis or emotive string scores, drum ensembles, happy handclap music or avant-garde mayhem… I love making music.

I was fortunate enough to be raised in a musical household where a wide variety of music was played a lot.

Records by Zappa and Mahavishnu were casually followed by Whitney Houston, MJ and Chicago. Oscar Peterson, Miles, Jaco, Nirvana, Elis Regina. Shostakovich, Bach and Tribal drum records. I was taught that good music is just good music. From the simplest form of a single drum to a full orchestra and everything in between. Expression and storytelling is what is at the core.

My favorite project is when I make something I haven’t really made before.


Clients who enjoyed and used my work 

AA, Adobe, Animation For A Cause, Apple, Audi, BMW, Budweiser, Comcast, Delta Airlines, Dropbox, EA Sports, Ericsson, Freixenet, Google, HBO, History Channel, IBM, Lincoln Motor Company, L’Oreal, Maker Studios, Microsoft, Nike, Nissan, Nokia, Organically Grown Productions, Patreon, Rosetta Stone, Samsung, Spotify, TicTac, Tictail, Toyota, Trustfall Films, Unicef, Vanity Fair, Verizon, VISA, Volvo, WESC,  WIRED, UFC, Under Armour, Unicef, Zeiss and more.