World Surf League – Chaos Theory


Director’s Cut

Chaos theory is the study of the unpredictable: nearly identical events that exist in the present and can have drastically different outcomes in the future. While science and math are the structured systems of knowledge, predictability, rationale, and logic, the chaos theory teaches us that the only law is that there is no law and the only thing that we really know is that we don’t know. No matter how much man seeks knowledge and attempts to gain control, the unpredictability of nature will always sit beyond our grasp.

Behind the Scenes:

Client. World Surf League
Agency. Mistress
Production Company. Eskimo

Executive Producer. David Martinez
Director. Dan DiFelice
DP. Khalid Mohtaseb
AD. Andy Morris
Production Design. Bill Swano

Edit. Scott Hanson, Andy Catarisano, Scott Crozier, Dan DiFelice
VFX. Blacksmith
Color. Mikey Rossiter & Nate Seymour

Score & Sound Design. CypherAudio

Sound Design: John Black

Music: Tobias Norberg